How to make a camper trip more enjoyable

Traveling in a camper is an experience unlike any other. Roaming the road freely in a vehicle that also serves as a house lets you visit places you wouldn’t be able to on a trip organized by a travel agency. Buying a camper is a big investment but you will be able to set your own rules without additional obligations. On one hand, in a camper, you and the people you decide to take with you are fully on your own so you can’t count on anybody’s help in case something happens. On the other hand, that means the days of being bound by the rules set by the tour guides or hotels are over. Rarely can we experience such freedom as when traveling in a camper or an RV.

Nevertheless, traveling in a camper can be tiring at times, especially if it’s a long road trip. No hotel staff to clean after you or cook your meals and no one to drive you from one place to another. Everything has to be done by the passengers themselves. So it is best to thoroughly prepare before setting out. There are some supplies and accessories you can buy beforehand to assure that the trip will be enjoyable for everybody.

WiFi booster equipment

Traveling in a camper means you may often find yourself in a place far away from civilization. And while no WiFi booster will allow you to pick up any Internet in the middle of a forest, it will massively extend the range of your WiFi coverage. Having access to the Internet can be a lifesaver in any emergencies and it will also keep everyone, especially the kids, busy and quiet. It is also practically a necessity in case you plan on, or will be forced to, doing any remote work during the trip.

Camping stove

You will probably have some kind of kitchen equipment inside the camper and it may include a cooking stove. But since you are going to be cooking almost every day it will be nice to do so outside the camper sometimes. If the weather is good enough you can just take your camping stove and put it in front of the camper and cooking will be much more enjoyable. Not to mention that it will keep all of the cooking smells away from your living quarters. There is nothing worse than smelling like bacon the whole trip because you wanted to eat some for breakfast that one time.

Pop up awning

A pop up awning can give you much of the needed shade in case the weather is unbearably hot. You could just park in the shade but sometimes there is no available if the camper parking is all filled up with other vehicles. Besides, many campers nowadays are equipped with solar panels so they should be out in the sun as much as possible. A pop up awning is easy to set up and is usually attached to one side of the camper. Moreover, a pop awning with screens can give you protection not only from the sunlight but also from bugs.

There is a lot of preparations involved in going on a camper trip but it is definitely worth it.